Lawrence/Midland (Redevelopment Project)

84_Lawrence-Midland Redevelopment

Given the City’s Planning approval, TDSB is implementing its approved plan for its  Lawrence Midland lands that provides for the construction of a new school, a modern track and field facilities, additional community walkways and the sale of two separate and distinct surplus parcels designated for residential redevelopment at 7.6 acres and 9.0 acres respectively.  In January 2016, the City purchased a third surplus 2 acre site parcel that is purposed to be redeveloped into a new a community park and day care centre.

The TLC has satisfied the requirements of Ontario Regulation 444/98 by completing a circulation process that has confirmed no public sector interest in the redevelopment parcels.  Prior to offering the surplus lands for sale through the brokerage community the new school construction should be underway in order to determine a date for vacant possession of the 7.6 and 9.0 acre redevelopment parcels.  The TDSB is proceeding through the Ministry construction approval process process and TLC shall continue to monitor the activity in order to bring the properties to market at the earliest opportunity.




1555 Midland Ave Toronto M1P 3C1 Canada