Who we are

The Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC), a wholly owned subsidiary and exclusive real estate services provider to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

Following the amalgamation of seven local school boards in 1998, the TDSB became the owner of one of the largest public real estate portfolios in the City of Toronto. Realizing that managing a portfolio of this nature and size requires specific expertise, is complex and time consuming, TDSB established TLC in 2008 to professionally manage these important assets. TLC’s recently expanded mandate now gives us the responsibility to manage all Board wide real estate interests for the purpose of redevelopment of sites, land use planning, property disposition & acquisition, leasing, partnerships and the integration of community hubs. This new mandate makes TLC the first point of contact for all parties interested in inquiring about the availability of, or access to, approximately 600 TDSB properties for the purposes of leasing, land use partnerships, public infrastructure projects or any other equity proposals.

With specific expertise in real estate, land use planning and leasing, TLC’s intent is to provide opportunities that ensure the accommodation and well-being of TDSB students in modern and innovative schools, preserve public assets where there is a demonstrated need and collaborate to build communities where people live, learn, work and play.

Our Mission

To improve the educational experience for students in TDSB schools by maximizing the benefit of TDSB real estate for students and their communities.

Our Core Principles

1. TDSB lands are to be preserved as public assets to the maximum extent possible

2. TDSB’s delivery of a strong public education system in the future depends on continuous modernization of TDSB schools

3. Maximizing TDSB land value extends beyond financial and is to include community and social value

4. TDSB must be kept Financially Whole in developing local and sustainable public service programs on TDSB Real Estate Portfolios which support the partnerships and community hub model.