About Pools

TDSB pools are integral to our Toronto community. Pools are unique community assets that contribute to active, enjoyable, and safe neighbourhoods.

The TDSB owns a total of 67 pools which TLC manages and oversees to ensure their long-term sustainability. Toronto remains one of the few cities across Canada with such a large inventory of pools in the TLC portfolio.

TLC has three grouping of pools:

  1. 37 are permitted to community aquatic organizations.
  2. 27 pools are under a lease agreement between the City and TDSB whereby the City offers the community their own aquatic programming.
  3. Three other pools are under a combination of leases and/or licenses.

Each of these groupings of pools continues to serve children, youth, adults, and seniors throughout the communities of Toronto.

New Pool Projects:

Have look at each of the pool categories via our mapping section.

To permit any of the 37 pools, please click hereTDSB Permitting System