Community Hubs


The Province of Ontario has announced a new short-term surplus property initiative that allows organizations to submit an application to the Province for consideration to revitalize a publicly owned property to a community hub.

Please review the link below for further information:

Applications must be submitted to the Province by no later than:  OCTOBER 16, 2017

For convenience, please find the application and instructions below:

Surplus Property Initiative Instructions for Completing Application

Surplus Property Transition Initiative Application


 We know that Community Hubs are vibrant centres that are recognized by a community to:

A Community Hub situated adjacent to or on a TDSB active school can have a positive impact on students.  In turn, when the school and the Hub work together, the integration and sharing of facilities should enhance student value through an educational component and create community benefits for the families, other adults and seniors within the community.

In February 2015, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) directed the Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC), as agent for TDSB, to pursue redevelopment projects and opportunities to create community hubs.  As a first step, the TLC has undertaken to initially review the redevelopment projects under its jurisdiction.

As a result, on April 15, 2015, TDSB on a recommendation by  TLC, approved “That disposition of the 7.3 acre parcel of land on the Bloor/Dufferin site be deferred until the Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) can complete its review in pursing community hub opportunities using the Bloor/Dufferin Redevelopment Project as a demonstration site for a community hub.”

The TLC visited numerous Community Hubs throughout the City of Toronto and we invite you to link to the sites below to obtain a better understanding of the wide range of services that can be provided at a Community Hub which in turn provide numerous benefits to a community.

Toronto Christian Resource Centre (TCRC), 40 Oak Street, Toronto.

Unison Health and Community Services Hub, 540 Finch Avenue West.

East Scarborough Storefront, 4040 Lawrence Avenue East.

Within this timeframe, the Premier appointed Karen Pitre as the Special Advisor on Community Hubs to the Premier.   In August, 2015, a report was released, entitled, Community Hubs in Ontario:  A Strategic Framework and Action Plan, which covers many aspects of Community Hub development, a guide to many existing community hubs and recommendations that would help support the creation of community hubs in the Province.   Please see the link to be directed to the full report.

Following a 10 month Committee process involving TLC, TDSB, The City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, local TDSB Trustee, Ward Councillor and ridding MPP direction was provided for TLC to seek a development partner. Following a competitive and transparent process, TLC announced the sale of the Bloor Dufferin site to a tri-party development team that has committed to redeveloping the site with a 30,000 square foot community hub. In addition to the Province of Ontario providing a financial commitment towards the construction of the hub that is to include a child care, the City of Toronto and Province are currently exploring governance, ownership and hub members that would be part of the new facility to ensure a vibrant sustainable hub that aligns with the student and local community needs. In addition, the development team continues to work closely with the existing school to provide experiential student learning and opportunities during the redevelopment process.

TLC continues to investigate new opportunities for the creation of more community hubs as we move forward with this public asset initiative.