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Bloor/Dufferin (ReGeneration Project)

The Bloor Dufferin ReGeneration Project is the TDSB surplus property situated at the south-west corner of Bloor and Dufferin, having an area of approximately 7.3 acres, currently improved with the former Kent School and Bloor Collegiate and ALPHA II.

Developer Selected for Purchase

On November 30, 2016, the Toronto Lands Corporation, Board of Directors, approved the sale of the TDSB surplus 7.3 parcel of land to the tri-party team of Capital Developments, Timbercreek Asset Management and Metropia.  On December 7, 2016, the TDSB was provided with detailed information on the developer and further details on the transaction.

Developer – Tri-Party TEAM

Capital Developments is currently developing a number of large-scale mixed-use projects  is a recipient of Project of the Year at the 2016 BILD awards, the industry’s highest project level distinction, for the Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos, a 650 unit development with 80,000 square feet of retail in the Yonge & Eglinton area.  The founders, Todd Cowan and Jordan Dermer have been involved in developing over 12 million square feet of mixed-use developments in Canada and Europe over the past 25 years.  Metropia’s founder, Howard Sokolowski, has led the development of over 25,000 homes and award-winning communities over the past 30 years with a focus on community building, urban renewal and design innovation.  In 2011, he was awarded Ontario’s highest honour, the Order of Ontario in recognition of his contribution to philanthropy and community building in the province.  Timbercreek has a global perspective in real estate and on the ground local expertise.  It manages approximately $5.5 billion in total assets and has one of the largest multi-family residential portfolios across Canada with approximately 18,000 units.

Capital Developments and partners, Timbercreek Asset Management and Metropia, have assembled a highly experienced development team which includes Hariri Pontarini (architects), Bousfields (urban planner) and Savira Cultural + Capital Projects (cultural consultant).

Project Vision

A landmark regeneration plan will bring unique community and educational benefits to the sale of surplus school space of 7.3 acres which includes within a proposed mixed use redevelopment a provincially supported “community hub” that will include licensed child care spaces.

To ensure a vibrant educational component to the plan, Brockton High School, located on the retained TDSB land, will be the site of a replacement school that will become the new home for Bloor Collegiate Institute and Alpha II Senior Alternative School.

The Ontario government will contribute $20 million towards the new school and the community hub. The government and the City of Toronto together have appointed a special facilitator to gather input from local community residents and stakeholders in order to develop a process that will guide the structure of the community hub that could be up to a 30,000 square foot facility.

The purchaser is aware of the community interest in the revitalization of the site, affordable housing,  green space and local heritage, which provides them with a good  understanding of city and neighborhood interests.

Next Stage

7.3 Acres ReGeneration

Capital Developments, Metropia and Timbercreek Asset Management as the selected team for the redevelopment of the Bloor Dufferin site in December has begun work on a design plan for regeneration of the entire site. To date, the team continues to review all of the pertinent site information including the community consultation minutes, undertake routine testing and have pursued preliminary introductory meetings with the City and School.

Recognizing the importance of the Bloor Collegiate and Alpha II school community, the development team is prepared throughout this process to meet exclusively with the school community and students as may be required (which would be organized directly through the school).

In conjunction with their architects and planners, it is anticipated that the design plan will regenerate the entire site; it is being (developed) prepared for public presentation.  At this time, subject to formal notice, a preliminary date of April 13, 2017, has been set for the public meeting.  It is expected that the City of Toronto, as the organizer of the meeting, will be sending out a formal notification through its process for public meetings.

In the interim, the Community Hub Visioning Group for Bloor Dufferin, coordinated with the Province and City of Toronto is currently in place and should conclude its work in April, 2017, with the aim to develop a vision for a governance framework and to determine the process that will seek occupants of the potential up to 30,000 square foot community hub.

Site density, the hub, mix of housing, green space, heritage and all other planning components will be determined and approved by the City through the site plan, rezoning, land severance and other City planning department approval processes.

New Bloor Collegiate & ALPHA II School

The TDSB will begin design work for the replacement school and any inquires relating to the new school should be handled directly through to the TDSB.