Carleton Village PS

315 Osler Street

Toronto, ON

M6N 2Z4


Pool Detph: 3ft - 9 ft

Dimensions: 30ft x 75ft

Number of Lanes: 5


Parking: Yes

Lane Ropes: Yes

Pace Clock: No

Diving Board: No

Starting Block: No

Polo Nets: No

School Trustee & City Councilor

Trustee: Marit Stiles

School Ward: 9

Councilor: Cesar Palacio

City Ward: 17


Carleton Village pool is a bright, spacious, 25 yard pool with lots of natural light. The pool boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for leisure, competitive and lesson based programs. The pool is unique in that it features a liner inside the pool, providing a different feel than your typical tile pools.


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