Downsview SS

7 Hawksdale Road

Toronto, ON

M3K 1W3


Pool Detph: 3ft - 9ft

Dimensions: 27ft x 77ft

Number of Lanes: 4


Parking: No

Lane Ropes: Yes

Pace Clock: No

Diving Board: No

Starting Block: No

Polo Nets: No

School Trustee & City Councilor

Trustee: Alexandra Lulka

School Ward: 5

Councilor: Maria Augimeri

City Ward: 9


Downsview pool is a bright 4 lane, 25 yard pool. The pool is conveniently located, close to major highways. The pool is fully accessible, featuring a chair lift and deck change rooms. The also has lane ropes and starting block which gives the pool the ability to offer lessons and competitive programs. The pool has its own separate entrance close to a large parking lot.


Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre Inc.

Mark Paszyn


Double Time Swim Club Inc.

Maxime Catreau


Magalie's Swim School

Magalie Tessler


Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club