Properties for Sale

Properties that have been declared surplus by TDSB are subject to compliance with Ontario Regulation 444/98.  This regulatory process provides for a 180 day circulation period whereby public agencies can submit to purchase the surplus site at market value.  Should the Regulatory process be satisfied without a public agency purchase, the surplus site can then be offered For Sale to the open market.  TLC ensures an open and competitive process through the engagement of a real estate broker.

The following are a list of properties currently, at various stages, undergoing the disposition process.

Sir Robert L. Borden


Sir Robert L. Borden, municipally located at 200 Poplar Road, is a secondary school that closed as per TDSB resolution effective June, 2016.

The site is approximately 11.93 acres (4.83 hectares), irregular in shape, and is improved with a 2-storey stand-alone former school building of approximately 142,579 square feet (13,246 sq. m.), built circa 1965, and situated in the Kingston Road and Lawrence Avenue East area of Toronto. Current Official Plan designation is Neighbourhood (N) and Zoning is Institutional.

In June 2016, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) also declared the Sir Robert Borden school site surplus to its needs. Following due process, the Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) then undertook a public regulatory circulation process to identify opportunities for other public bodies to purchase the site. After completion of the public regulatory process, it was concluded that no public agency was prepared to acquire the property.  However, TLC obtained approval through its Board of Directors to collaborate with TDSB, the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario to engage in a process to identify community needs and services in this neighbourhood.  A needs assessment was completed by an independent third party, Public Interest, and the information received has been made public to help guide a potential buyer when considering a redevelopment opportunity for the property: Final Report- Service and Space Needs in West Hill.  In addition, the Province of Ontario engaged independent consulting services whereby it was identified that approximately one acre of land with a 15,000 to 25,000 Square foot community hub would be suitable to meet community needs at this location.

It has been an important priority to TLC to understand this community and ensure that the future redevelopment of the site is responsive to actual community needs. With the cooperation of TDSB, the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario, TLC is now in a position to seek a purchaser who will have an appropriate level of relevant community information in order to help guide the redevelopment of the Sir Robert Borden site.

On May 22, 2018 Toronto City Council also passed a motion to work with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers to identify opportunities for creating a sustainable and vibrant community hub on the site, and report back to Council in the first quarter of 2019.  Please follow link for report:

Through the City of Toronto’s planning process, it has the decision making authority to work together with the buyer to ensure that the redevelopment of the Sir Robert Borden site meets its community needs in order to enhance facilities in this area and create a new vibrant neighbourhood within the West Hill community.  For convenience, link to the City Planning process:

While work is still underway to identify opportunities to develop a hub on the site, TLC will complete the required Ontario Regulation 444/98 process  and place the site on the open market for sale.  During the sale process, the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario  will have time to further consider all the information from the needs assessment and be in a better position to work with a developer partner when a sale is transacted.  It is expected that taking the time to appreciate and understand the community needs and existing services will be of value to the City during its planning process with the purchaser in redevelopment of the site and that it will include further stakeholder forums.

The property is now available for sale, on the open market

through the Listing Brokers Office only.

For further details, please contact the Listing Broker:

Mike Czestochowski

CBRE Limited

2005 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario M2J 5B4

ATTN: Mike Czestochowski
Executive Vice-President

Lawrence/Midland (Redevelopment Project)

84_Lawrence-Midland Redevelopment

Lawrence Midland Lands

TDSB is currently constructing a new school and track and field near the intersection of Lawrence Avenue and Midland Avenue.  In addition to these new facilities, the approved Board plan provided for the sale of 2.0 acres of surplus land to the City of Toronto and the marketing of 7.6 acre and 9.0 acre land parcels for residential redevelopment .

These lands are currently listed for sale with Colliers International.

For further details on this offering please contact the listing broker:


Ryan Thomson
Vice President, Sales Representative
(416) 620-2817
Colliers International
401 The West Mall, Suite 800
Toronto, ON  M9C 5J5 

Bloor/Dufferin (Redevelopment Project)

Aerial Image-for Web Page-RFP

The Bloor-Dufferin Redevelopment site (site severance- approximately 7.3 acres at the corner of Bloor Street and Dufferin Street), including Bloor Collegiate Institute, Alpha II Alternative School and former Kent Senior Public School, was declared surplus by TDSB and referred to the TLC for circulation to prescribed public agencies pursuant to Ontario Reg. 444/98, Disposition of Surplus Real Property.

In November 2015, a Working Group comprised of the City of Toronto, TLC, TDSB and the Province of Ontario had undertook a review of the redevelopment site of 7.3 acres to consider potential public interests including those that would provide opportunities to enhance learning for students and produce benefits for the community at large.

Upon satisfactorily completing the regulatory process, TLC went to the open market through its Listing Broker, CBRE, on August 8, 2016 with a Request For Offers (RFO) and a submission deadline of October 11, 2016.

All inquiries and submissions were directed to the Listing Broker, CBRE.  The RFO requested an offer to purchase from a reputable purchaser who will develop the surplus lands through a co-operative approach with the City creating a compatible redevelopment that is reflective of public objectives.

We thank all parties who submitted a proposal for the Bloor Dufferin property and appreciate their time and commitment required for presentation of a proposal.

Upon completion of a comprehensive review and analysis of the submissions by a team that consisted of CBRE, McCarthy Tetrault and the TLC, a tri-party development team was selected as the successful proponent being Capital Developments, Timbercreek Asset Management and Metropia.  The Development Team will now actively commence a redevelopment of the 7.3 acre parcel through the City Planning process which will include design for up to a 30,000 square foot hub.

For further information on the Developer and an update on the progress of the site or additional background information, please see the Featured Project section (coming soon)

Additional information on Community Hubs can be viewed in the Community Hub section

Baycrest PS

On April 19, 2017 TDSB declared the Baycrest Public School surplus for sale and referred the property to the Toronto Lands Corporation to complete a transaction.  The Board motion also directed that the Baycrest students be relocated to the nearby Sir Sandford Fleming School.

On August 25, 2017 TLC circulated the property to qualifying bodies having a priority right to purchase in accordance with Regulation 444/98 of the Education Act.  Interested parties are required to submit an expression of interest on or before November 23, 2017 and an offer to purchase on or before February 21, 2018.

In order to give time for the renovations to be completed at the new school location, any sale of the Baycrest is not expected to be completed until the spring of 2019.

Property Description

Baycrest Public School is located at 145 Baycrest Avenue.  This single story building was constructed in 1953.  It has a gross floor area of 22,206 square feet and is situated on approximately 5.4 acres of land in the area of Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue.  .  It has a rated capacity of 176 pupils.