Cartwright Public School

Appendix A

At its June 21st Board meeting TDSB declared the Cartwright Public School surplus for sale and referred the property to the Toronto Lands Corporation to complete a transaction.  On July 13, 2017 TLC circulated the property to qualifying bodies having a priority right to purchase in accordance with Regulation 444/98 of the Education Act.  Interested parties covered by the Regulation are required to submit an expression of interest on or before October 11, 2017 and an offer to purchase on or before January 9, 2018.

Property Description

Cartwright Public School is located at 99 Cartwright Avenue.  The original single storey building was constructed in 1953 but has undergone 5 major renovations, the most recent completed in 2016.   It has a reported gross floor area of 54,122 square feet, and is located on approximately 6 acres of land in the vicinity of Dufferin Street and Wilson Avenue.

The existing tenant occupies the property until August 31, 2027 and has a first right of purchase subordinate to the senior rights of offer stipulated by Regulation 444/98 of the Education Act.


99 Cartwright Ave North York M6A 1V4 Canada